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Project Description
Simple application for sending mailings to subscribers.

This project is based on The Beer House starter kit. Additional features:
  • seperated modules for news articles, webshop, forum and newsletters
  • logic in seperate assembly
  • ASP.NET 2.0 provider based design
  • configuration section for the web.config
  • Run multiple applications from a single database
  • Suitable for use with different cultures using resource files

Future plans
The intention is to enhance the project with more features:
  • a link to a content provider (like XZ Magazine) for automatic generation of mailing
  • be able to send any web page by providing a url (see The Code Project article)
  • automatic generation of plain text version based on html content
  • including pictures in mailmessage (up to certain size to be declared in the web.config)
  • enhanced opt-in/opt-out control for subcribers
  • interest groups of subscribers, list management
  • error tracking, sent log and resuming disrubted sendings

At this moment the first preview of XZ Mailings is available. Please feel free to comment on my projects.

Hugo Scheepens

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